Do you believe in the'Power of the Outdoors'?

We do! And you have the power to transform the life of a vulnerable young person through outdoor adventure.

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It is easy to forget that for a vulnerable 11 or 12 year old the world can be a confusing and daunting place and that often this is because of circumstances out of their control.  It may be school ground politics, or chaotic homes lives, the pressure of being a young carer, the erosion of self esteem due to bullying, or a lack of positive role models.

At the Youth Adventure Trust we believe that outdoor adventure can have a massive impact on somebody's life. The positive effects of challenging yourself, learning to trust others and working as part of a team are immeasurable.  The young people we work with are unlikely to ever have those opportunities unless we make it possible.

Read Jenny's story to find our how the power of the outdoors has aleady changed her life and click here to help others like her.

Each year 80 vulnerable 11 and 12 year olds join our programme, which uses the power of the outdoors to help them to develop confidence, build resilience and look to a more positive future. We take them on a three year journey which uses outdoor adventure to build their confidence and resilience to help them face their fears and make positive decisions about their future. Unlike other charities, our programme offers a long term intervention which can change the course of their lives.

Read Ben's story and click here to help others like her.

The Youth Adventure Programme includes 3 residential camps and 8 activity days, with experiences such as camping out, climbing, expeditions and woodland survival. In addition to the outdoor experiences, our programme staff are in regular contact with the young people offering consistent guidance, support and mentoring.

The Youth Adventure programme is completely free of charge for the young people who take part, but on average, it costs us £3,600 per place on the programme. We know that our programme is changing lives and we want to help more vulnerable young people.

If you, like us, believe in the Power of the Outdoors, please make a donation to help transform somebody's life. 

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