Housebuilder Mountain Marathon 2018

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Friday 21st September - Sunday 23rd September - Snowdonia National Park 

The marathon distance has long been held as the pinnacle of challeng and endurance.  This event, specifically for the Housebuilder industry is a marathon with a distance and will challenge teams of between 4 and 6 people to hike the distance of a 26.2 miles over two days in the beautiful surroundings of Snowdonia.  The first day will be approximately 14 miles hiking the iconic Mount Snowdon, the third highest mountain in the UK.  The secon day will be be approximately 12 miles.

Friday 21st September

7pm - Teams arrive at the Llyn Gwynant campsite for registration.  Teams to arrange their own evening meal.

9pm - Safety briefing - all team members must attend this essential safety briefing which covers details about the route and mountain safety procedures.

Saturday 22nd September

6am - Breakfast

7am - Teams depart from the campsite for the first 14 miles of the challenge.  Approximate hiking time is between 7 - 9 hours.

A hot dinner will be provided at the campsite

Sunday 23rd September

6am - Breakfast

7am - Teams depart from the campsite for the second stage - 12 miles.  Approximate hiking time is between 7 - 9 hours and teams return to the campsite.

PM - teams return to the campsite and head to their hotels in Conwy

7pm - After party at The Quay Hotel & Spa, Conwy
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The start and finish points are at the campsite for all elements of the challenge so a support driver is not essential. All teams must have at least one person who is able to navigate/map read - a mountain awareness day will be scheduled for people to learn these skills before the challenge.


  • Challenge Base: Llyn Gwynant, Nant Gwynant
  • After-party: Quay Hotel & Spa, Conwy


  • Pre-pitched tents Friday and Saturday night
  • Hotel accommodation in Conwy on Sunday night.  There are plenty of accommodation options available ranging from the local youth hostel, bed and breakfast to the Quay Hotel & Spa itself.


  • £3,600 minimum sponsorship target - this is the cost for one young person to attend the Youth Adventure Trust 3 schoold year programme.
  • Each team to set up an online fundraising page through Virgin Money Giving.  


Housebuilder Mountain Marathon Leaderboard 2018

The competition is hotting up and there are 100 points available for the team which raises the most money in the Housebuilder's Mountain Marathon 2018.  

Leader Board 2018

Leaderboard Position Organisation  Challenge Team Name
1 Taylor Wimpey plc  Taylor Wimpey Wonderers
2 Redrow  Technically Redrow
3 Barratt Homes  Barratt North East Commercial
4 David Wilson Homes  David Wilson Homes East Mids
5 Taylor Wimpey plc  TW Team 6
6 Crest Nicholson  The Peaky Climbers!
7 Crest Nicholson  Ignorance is Blisters
8 Crest Nicholson  The Eastern Suffragettes
9 Tamdown  Tamdown Trekkers
10 Barratt Homes  Barratt?s Welsh Wayfarers
11 Redrow  Redrow Ramblers
12 Crest Nicholson  Crest South West Unfortunate Soles
13 Galliford Try  GTP
14 Linden Homes  Linden Ormes
15 Linden Homes  Linden Summit Special
16 Linden Homes  Galliford Try a little harder
17 Linden Homes  Linden Peaky Builders
18 Linden Homes  The Scrambled Legs
19 Linden Homes  A Fit of Peak
20 Crest Nicholson  #TeamChiltern
21 Barratt Homes  Not so fast and only slightly furious
22 Barratt Homes  Barratt London Lopers
23 Crest Nicholson  On A Quest Nicholson
24 Taylor Wimpey plc  TW I think we peaked too soon
25 David Wilson Homes  DWH South West Technical
26 Barratt Homes  Technically Cobblers
27 Crest Nicholson  Apprentice Team
28 Bloor Homes  Elevation 2018
29 Taylor Wimpey plc  TW South Hikings
30 Taylor Wimpey plc  TW Mountain Rangers
31 Reconomy  Team Reconomy
Leaderboard position Company Challenge Team Name
1 Barratt Homes HB18 Barratt North East Commercial
2 Crest Nicholson HB18 The Eastern Suffragettes
3 Tamdown HB18 Tamdown Trekkers
4 Reconomy HB18 Team Reconomy
5 Crest Nicholson HB18 Crest South West Unfortunate Soles
6 Crest Nicholson HB18 Ignorance is Blisters
7 Crest Nicholson HB18 #TeamChiltern
8 Crest Nicholson HB18 The Peaky Climbers!
9 Taylor Wimpey plc HB18 Taylor Wimpey Wonderers
10 David Wilson Homes HB18 David Wilson Homes East Mids
11 Redrow Redrow NW
12 Linden Homes HB18 Linden Ormes
13 Linden Homes HB18 Linden Summit Special
14 Linden Homes HB18 Galliford Try a little harder
15 Linden Homes HB18 Linden Peaky Builders
16 Linden Homes HB18 The Scrambled Legs
17 Linden Homes HB18 Linden Exec Team
18 Crest Nicholson HB18 On A Quest Nicholson
19 Barratt Homes HB18 Not so fast and only slightly furious
20 Barratt Homes HB18 Barratt London Lopers
21 Barratt Homes HB18 Barratt?s Welsh Wayfarers
22 Barratt Homes HB18 Technically Cobblers
23 Taylor Wimpey plc HB18 TW I think we peaked too soon
24 Galliford Try HB18 GTP
25 Redrow Redrow 1
26 Bloor Homes HB18 Elevation 2018
27 Taylor Wimpey plc HB18 TW Mountain Rangers
28 Crest Nicholson HB18 Apprentice Team
29 David Wilson Homes HB18 DWH South West Technical
30 Taylor Wimpey plc HB18 TW South Hikings
31 Taylor Wimpey plc HB18 TW Team 6
  Team Name Business Unit
1 The Winners @ North Thames (TW17) North Thames
2 Quads of Fury Bristol
3 East London Massif East London
4 East London Pikey's East London
5 GOT it all Taylor Wimpey plc
6 Feeling Peaky West London
7 The Wizzie Wonder West London
8 Chafing The Dream & Southern Counties
9 Hard on the Knees Southern Counties
10 Your pace or mine? Southern Counties
11 Sole Mates South Midlands
12 24 No More Taylor Wimpey plc
13 Rambling Rejects Oxfordshire / West London
14 Twisted Boot Spain
15 Crazy Dreamers Spain
16 Inglorious Builders's Bristol
17 The Sausage Strolls East Anglia
18 Jimmy Choos & Training Shooes East Anglia
19 The Peaky Climbers North Yorkshire
20 Cain the Caines East Midlands
21 Dragons Might Fly East Midlands
22 Wacky Walkers East Midlands
23 Ain't No Mountain High Enough South Midlands
24 Team Redeem: More Balls Than Strictly Taylor Wimpey plc
25 West Midlands Strollers West Midlands
26 West Midlands Whippets West Midlands
27 Strats where its at Strategic Land
28 Strats where its at 2 Strategic Land
29 Blood, Sweat and Beers North Thames
30 The North Midlands Face North Midlands
31 TW17 Peaky Blunders Taylor Wimpey plc
32 Central London Tigers Central London
33 Central London Hurricanes Central London
34 Central London Tornadoes Central London
35 The Wimpey Lads Strategic Land
36 Heels on the Hill Exeter
37 Peak Tweak Challenge Exeter
38 East Anglia Logistics Logistics
39 Oxfordshire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Oxfordshire  
40 Oxfordshire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Oxfordshire  
41 Sole Survivors South East South East
42 Trekkers South East
43 Sole Destroyers 1 Manchester
44 Sole Destroyers 2 Manchester
45 Major Tim's Peakes Midlands
46 24 Severn Bristol
47 Blood, Sweat and beers East Scotland
48 Wimpey's Walking Warriors East Scotland
49 Witness the Fitness Taylor Wimpey plc
50 Arthur Dozen - Yorkshire Puddings Yorkshire
51 Kelly's Heroes Yorkshire
52 Norfolking Chance Taylor Wimpey plc
53 Perpetual Motion West Scotland
54 Sole Survivors West Scotland West Scotland
55 Highlanders West Scotland
56 Peaking Too Early South Thames
57 The Peaky Grinders 14 South Thames
58 The Peaky Grinders 24 South Thames
59 Top Peak North West
60 Peaked Too Soon North West
61 The magnificent 7 South Midlands
62 Peaky Climbers Taylor Wimpey plc
63 Northern Soles North East
64 Cirque de sore legs Taylor Wimpey plc

Housebuilder Mountain Marathon 2018 FAQs

If you have any questions about the challenge before you register then the answer may well be here, and don't forget we'll give you lots more information once you have registered.

Read more: Housebuilder Mountain Marathon 2018 FAQs


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