kirsty2From Milly, age 14 – Youth Adventure Programme participant 2011 - 2013

“When I saw the DVD of the Youth Adventure Trust I thought it looked fun, but there seemed to be a lot of children and that made me nervous. I decided to go anyway and am glad I did! Everyone was really nice and the activities were all different and nearly all things that I had never tried before."

"I wasn’t worried if I was good at them, or not, as they were new for everyone so you didn’t have to worry. By going I overcame lots of my fears, I was afraid of heights but once I had done something a couple of times I didn’t worry. I made friends with people who were just like me and we had fun. One of my fears was making new friends.

After going to every event over three years I was really sorry when it ended- I had begun to look forward to them so much, but now I can do some many more things. On one of my last visits I told the new younger group how much fun all the camps were and how you could see yourself on the website with your friends. I was shocked that I managed to do that as I am quiet and find it hard to speak in big groups or even little ones.”

From Milly's mum

"The Youth Adventure Trust was one of the best things that happened to my daughter! When she joined secondary school she was nervous and quiet and although she wanted to take part in activities she was so worried about asking to join in, Her confidence was low and although we had tried many things with her, she continued to be anxious about what other children may say, she was too worried to be part of anything in case she made a mistake!

From day one she loved the Youth Adventure programme. In my opinion it allowed her to be independent but also it is extremely organised and structured so she never worried about what would be happening. Tessa and the team are extremely good at communication in a friendly calm manner and her confidence in them grew!

She couldn’t wait for the next away day or Camp. She made friends from other schools which amazed me as she struggled so much previously. She was packed days in advance of the camps, she wasn’t anxious, she wasn’t stressed, and she viewed it as positive and fun! She told me “everyone is friendly” and “everyone joins in”

My daughter in now a different person. She is still quiet but she never talks about having fears like she used to. She isn’t nervous she is rarely stressed. She has so much more confidence and so many more friends. She has caught up with her studies and started to excel, she is aware that she now has strengths, and most of all she is happy. She talks a lot about the Youth Adventure programme and the help it gave her. I have to say that if she hadn’t had this help she may never have broken through the barriers that were holding her back- I have to say the opportunities and the differences the trust has made are outstanding!”

Since finishing the programme Milly has signed up for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme so she can continue the type of experiences she enjoyed with the Youth Adventure Trust."


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