Dear Tessa,
I was on the Youth Adventure Trust programme about 7/8 years ago and am just emailing to thank you for the opportunity you and the charity gave me.

I want to let you know how the programme has helped me develop as individual in the hope others can truly understand the importance this programme has for young people. Though at the time I may not have realised it, the Youth Adventure Programme was one of the most significant learning curves I was given as a young person and I feel wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for it.

Having just lost my father shortly before this amazing opportunity I was very lost in the world and will openly admit I despised working in a team due to the lack of trust I had in other people, along with having low self confidence and low self esteem.

What I feel the Youth Adventure Trust helped me realise is that team work is not something you can just turn away from; it is going to be in your life no matter how hard you try to ignore it. What the other kids, volunteers and staff made me realise was things you couldn't overcome on your own are easily overcome when working as a unit. The skills I learnt, as a result of this wonderful charity, are easily transferrable to every day jobs and I have used them every day in my life since.

Not only did I learn the importance of team work I learnt a lot about myself on the programme.

I realised and accepted I wasn't perfect but also was able to recognise this is ok: no one is. The programme also taught us self - reflection and this has been so helpful for me in my education. I have used it ever since. Constantly questioning myself, “How could I have done this better? Was that really the best way to do this task?” This has allowed me to really develop as a person, particularly in terms of my education.

I am now studying History/Sociology at Cardiff University and will openly claim that the Youth Adventure Trust is one of the anchors to why I have been able to get where I am today.

It taught me how to work as team, it taught me self reflection along with determination, inspiration and ambition and most importantly it taught me how to improve myself as a person and function in the modern world.

I could write on for a while since what this charity gave me is nearly endless. A big shout out to this wonderful charity and if you are ever short of volunteers please just call me, since it

would be a great opportunity to return as a volunteer. It would be fantastic to give back what the programme gave me all those years ago.

Thanks again,



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