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Carl Joined the Youth Adventure Trust programme in 2015. He was put forward because his school hoped the experience would further develop his ability to manage his behaviour and to make better choices for himself. 

In a previous intake Carl’s brother was referred to the programme but unfortunately his behaviour was unmanageable and he was withdrawn right at the start. When a young person starts the programme we offer them the chance of a clean slate and an opportunity to decide who they want to be. We had some concerns for Carl due to his brother’s history on our programme and therefore gave him every chance to succeed on the programme and to not follow in his brother’s footsteps.

It was evident at the initial stages of the programme that Carl could potentially struggle to make the most of the opportunities on offer. He was reluctant to take part in the activities and chose to misbehave and influence others rather than doing what he was instructed to do. His negative and disruptive attitude almost led us to withdrawing him from the programme but thankfully we decided to give him a second chance.

As the programme moved on there was a noticeable change in Carl’s attitude. He started to adopt a more positive outlook and found himself trying, rather than giving up and disrupting others. We are pleased to report that Carl has developed into a very likable and mature young man and has massively benefited from the experiences we’ve offered.

It is testament to Carl’s more recent positive behaviour that whilst on his Pathway Day with us this year (2016) the Art facilitator really noticed something in him. She was so impressed with his attitude and commitment to tasks that she wrote a letter offering Carl the opportunity to learn from some work experience with her company. The facilitator said to us that in her 25 years of working she’s only offered work experience to 3 young people before.

In the letter she said…

“I found Carl to be a polite, mature young man with confidence in his own ability. Although very quiet at first, he livened up once he started working. He told me he could not draw, however he came up with his own idea, started his piece a lot sooner than the others, sat quietly and produced a great piece of art work. I just wanted to write to you as I really saw something wonderful in this young man.”

This is a remarkable achievement for Carl and it shouldn’t be underestimated just how far and rewarding his journey with the Youth Adventure Trust has been.


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