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Christopher's story: Climbing to new heights

Christopher completed the Youth Adventure Programme last year, and has been working with his mentor, Shaun, to build up his self belief and trust. 

Christopher completed the Youth Adventure Programme last year, and has been working with his mentor, Shaun, to build up his self-belief and trust. Ever since Christopher discovered a love for climbing during the Programme, many of their mentoring sessions have been held at their local climbing centre, with Shaun helping to show him the rope

Thinking through climbing routes has helped Christopher approach the challenges in his life in a different way:

“It’s like the YAT has changed me … and for the better. It’s changed my attitude… I saw that I could do it and that if I did it, I would feel better because I’ve done it.” 

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We’re so grateful to Ellis Brigham for donating a harness to help Christopher to pursue his new-found climbing interest.

Christopher and Shaun have now set themselves the ultimate challenge – abseiling 130ft down the Jury’s Inn hotel in Swindon! Christopher is raising money for a school trip to Kenya next year where he’ll be a volunteer himself, helping the local community with various building projects – something he wouldn’t have considered doing before. Meanwhile, Shaun has very kindly chosen to fundraise for Youth Adventure Trust so that other young people can have the same life-changing experiences that Christopher has had.

If you’re feeling inspired and would like to show your support for this brilliant partnership, Christopher and Shaun have each set up fundraising pages.

“I just want to say a big thank you because without everything that the YAT has done, I would be so different and it’s like you guys have changed me and I’m so happy now that I’ve gone through it all and it’s going to be sad when Shaun goes but I’m happy for everything he did as well.”

We are so proud of Christopher's Youth Adventure journey.  He has achieved so much during his time with us - click here to watch a video of Christopher on his Mountain Camp, talking about his concerns. We are so pleased that the confidence and the skills he has gained through being on the programme are helping him to face the challenges in his life.


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