Jake Greenwood Challenge

An Ultra Fundraiser

Jake Greenwood has just undertaken an incredible 100km Ultra Challenge along the Cotswold Way, hiking through night and day on one of the hottest weekends of the year to raise £1,602 for YAT.

Jake grew up in the Welsh countryside, and was always crabbing and playing in the sea, building dens, cycling in the woods, lighting fires on the hills and catching crayfish in the streams. Now city-based, Jake missed spending time in the countryside so started taking on hiking challenges for charity to reconnect himself with the outdoors.

The only problem with taking on new challenges is that they have to be tougher than the old challenge… And Jake knew it had to be much longer to be worthwhile for sponsors to support him again!

“I wanted to work with a charity that helps give young people the opportunity to rewrite their narrative and live fully. I loved the idea of taking on an outdoor challenge to help young people take on their own challenge – and giving them access to the childhood adventures I had. I want to give them the power of the outdoors. Everyone deserves it.”

IMG 0151Jake is fired up by the daunting aspect of these challenges – the sense of the ‘utterly impossible’. But he also knows that without training he would not succeed – it takes effort to achieve what he wants to achieve. On a practical level, Jake has learnt new skills like map route planning, and packing effectively for a hike, but it is the more personal skills that has given him the greatest satisfaction: motivation and determination to succeed at something that doesn't feel possible, pushing himself beyond his comfort zone, and being physically fit enough even if he’s ‘not the sporty type’.


“I really think that challenges and outdoor adventure are addictive. And in the best way possible. They're rewarding. And exciting. And I’m just so glad that I’ve helped give that gift to some young people by doing what I now love.”

All the team at YAT would like thank Jake for supporting us, and to celebrate his fantastic achievement – well done!

If you’d like to support Jake, his fundraising page is still open for donations, and he’s put together this great video of what it’s taken to train for such a huge challenge.


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