Success Stories

Ryan Le Loop square

Ryan's story: Riding High

YAT has changed my life is so many different ways. I went from a shy immature kid to a brave, loving and kind young man.

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Harry square

Harry's story: The next chapter

I'd like to thank the Youth Adventure Trust for helping me become the person I am today.

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chris square

Christopher's story: Climbing to new heights

Christopher completed the Youth Adventure Programme last year, and has been working with his mentor, Shaun, to build up his self belief and trust. 

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george square

George's story
George was referred to the Youth Adventure Trust in 2012 when he was 11 years old because he was struggling to fit in with his peer group, had low self confidence and found teamwork difficult. George is now 18 and has been reflecting on his experiences with the Youth Adventure Trust and since finishing the programme.

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Carls picture square

Carl's story
Carl Joined the Youth Adventure Trust programme in 2015. He was put forward because his school hoped the experience would further develop his ability to manage his behaviour and to make better choices for himself. 

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Ella's Journey: A Volunteer's Perspective
Nathan, one of our programme volunteers, has witnessed first hand the incredible journey young people go on during their time with the Youth Adventure Trust. Our volunteers have a huge impact on the experiences the young people have - they are role models, mentors and friends. 

Read more: Ella's Journey: A Volunteer's Perspective

resized Jade

My journey with the Youth Adventure Trust
Back in year 7 I was asked to attend and commit to a 3 year course which would help build confidence, build self-esteem; teach me to be patient, make new friends, and try things I would never usually try.

Read more: Jade's story


Dear Tessa,
I was on the Youth Adventure Trust programme about 7/8 years ago and am just emailing to thank you for the opportunity you and the charity gave me.

Read more: A letter from Gav

calumFrom Callum, Youth Adventure Programme participant

“Dear Tessa,

I would like to say a big thank you and how grateful I am for you allowing me to take part in the fantastic camps and events you arranged. They have had a huge impact on my confidence, self-esteem and ability to socialise with other people of my own age.

Read more: Callum and His Mum

kirsty2From Milly, age 14 – Youth Adventure Programme participant 2011 - 2013

“When I saw the DVD of the Youth Adventure Trust I thought it looked fun, but there seemed to be a lot of children and that made me nervous. I decided to go anyway and am glad I did! Everyone was really nice and the activities were all different and nearly all things that I had never tried before."

Read more: Milly and her Mum

bethThere are many examples of the positive impact attending the programme has had on the lives of individuals. One such young person is Beth, who was given the chance to attend the Youth Adventure Trust camps by Wiltshire Young Carers association.

Read more: Beth's Story

samSam was diagnosed with ADHD during his Primary School years and has always struggled with the structure of the school environment. He found it hard to concentrate or stick to the rules in a class of children. He is also dyslexic, making reading and writing more difficult.

Read more: Sam's story


Dear Tessa,

My apologies to you for not writing to you sooner on the amazing difference the Youth Adventure Trust has had on my son Joe and to our family.

Read more: Joe's Story


Dear Tessa,
I am just writing to thank you for letting me come to the Youth Adventure Trust and what an effect it has had on me in the long term i have never realised until now.

Read more: A letter from Gavin


My son has thoroughly enjoyed every event/activity that the Youth Adventure Trust has provided for him. I believe that being part of the group has really helped with his social skills & has given him the confidence to attempt new things.

Read more: Brad's Mum

kirsty Kirsty was born with a hearing impairment. As she grew up this really began to impact on her confidence, especially as she approached adolescence. Kirsty was very conscious of being different, and didn’t enjoy taking part in groups or activities, especially if it would necessitate her having to take her hearing aids out.

Read more: Kirsty's Story


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