mountain camp

Mountain Camp Kit List

Listed below are the items your child will need to bring for the camp. Please bring old clothes and shoes where possible as we cannot be held responsible for damage to clothing during activities. This list is just intended as a guide, and you might like to pack extras, especially warm clothing.

Click here for a printable version of this list.

Please note:

NO MOBILE PHONES, MP3 PLAYERS OR ELECTRONIC GAMES ARE ALLOWED AT CAMP. This is really important - any child who takes either will have them confiscated for the duration of the camp. The Youth Adventure Trust can not take responsibility for any such items.

Your child won’t need any pocket money as we don’t have any shops at the centre.

If you would like more information please email one of our Programme Managers Rob Warren, Kerrie Lee or Scott Stevenson.

·        10 Tops or T-shirts

·        6 Pairs of trousers (preferably tracksuit bottoms, leggings or similar no jeans)

·        3 Warm tops (jumper or fleece)

·        Shorts (an old pair, sports style would be ideal)

·        Swimwear

·        2 Pairs of trainers (This is imporant. There should be at least one old pair that can get wet)

·        Underwear and socks (lots of pairs of socks as these tend to get very wet on activities)

·        Suitable nightwear for cold nights

·        Wash kit including sunscreen

·        2 Towels

·        A Sun hat (this is really important, a baseball cap is ideal)

·        A warm coat (waterproof if possible)

·        Small rucksack/bag (for use during the day for lunch/spare clothing etc – school bag is fine)

·        Torch and spare batteries

·        2 binbags (for wet/dirty clothing)

·        Walking boots/trainer if they have them (please don’t worry if they don’t)